The grapes are hand-picked in mid-October, being placed in perforated baskets for their transport to the cellar. The yield of grapes per hectare is 80 quintals.
The fermentation takes place in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks at 28°C with frequent daily pumping over for 12-15 days. The tumultuous fermentation is followed by submerged-cap fermentation for 15 days in order to completely extract the tannins and aromas.

The wine is placed in new, 10 hectolitre oak barrels, where it remains for 3 years. The wine is never filtered, and is left to further age in the bottle.

It has a ruby-red colour, not too dark, with garnet reflections. It has a clear, classic nose with notes of wood tar, spicy spices and a fruit strongly resembling black cherries in alcohol; the end is accompanied by the slightest hint of very delicate roses and violets. The mouth reflects these notes, with burnt wood and ash that lead to a sweet and syrupy taste of raspberry and cherry; the tannins are dense and ripe, bearing the vitality and exuberance given by this land. The same tannins lead to an evolution of aromas, which guarantee their very long maintenance over time.

Colour: Ruby

Bouquet: wood tar, spicy spices, black cherries in alcohol

Taste: intense, ripe, raspberry and cherry

Serving temperature: 18-20 C

Food pairings: meat, game, aged cheeses

M.G.A. of Serralunga among the most interesting and prestigious in the municipality, defined by Renato Ratti as a first category sub-area.

The vineyard

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Plant: 2002
Surface: 0.54 ha
Soil: calcareous
Altitude: 350mt above sea level
Exposure: west-south / west
Production: 80 ha

The wine

Vinification: fermentation in contact with the skins in steel for 15 days with submerged cap maceration for 12-15 days
Aging: 36 months in 10 hL oak barrels
Nr. Bottles: 3900

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